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Jiujiang’s Cultural Infrastructures Upgraded the Level of Public Cultural Service


The finished construction of a series of public cultural infrastructures such as the Library, the Museum, the Art Gallery and the Culture and Art center in recent years, provide more completed facilities and diversified services, making the spiritual and cultural life of Jiujiangs citizens more colorful. The reporter learned from the relevant organizations that according to the requirement of a document the Work Report of Constructing the National Demonstration Area of Public Cultural Service System in Jiujiang City, Jiujiang insists in increasing its investment on cultural facilities, so as to consolidate the construction of cultural front at primary level.  

Since the construction of the national demonstration area of public cultural service system begins, Jiujiang has invested 4.2 billion Yuan in building the public cultural infrastructures, and built up a primary network of cultural facilities covering cities, counties, townships and villages. There are a cultural center, a library, a museum, an art center, a folk museum, a museum of foreign concessions, the memorial hall of Zhou Dunyi, an exhibition center of non-material culture and an art theatre in the urban areas of Jiujiang City. Meanwhile, 14 counties (cities or districts) have their own cultural centers and libraries, and 19 museums and 11 art centers in total. At the same time, 230 townships (streets) have been equipped with independent comprehensive cultural centers, and 80 percent of 2,100 administrative villages have constructed the primary-level comprehensive cultural service centers with an area of 200 square meters. The foregoing public cultural service programs not only benefit peoples leisure life but also enrich their spiritual and cultural life. 

The construction of talents team is the major force to construct the national demonstration area of public cultural service system. To meet the standard, Jiujiang intensifies its construction and training of talents. Jiujiang focuses on cultivating cultural talents and implements the talents program of building a professional base for culture and art training, cultivating 10 tip-top talents in culture and art, hundreds of folk cultural and art teams, thousands of professional instructors with qualified licenses, and tens of thousands of cultural volunteers. During the activity, 92 posts have been newly added in the public cultural institutes of the county level and above, 151 workers have been newly employed in the comprehensive cultural centers in townships and 1269 posts of cultural managing have been created in village-level comprehensive cultural centers. (By Hu Ruirui|Jiujiang Daily)