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The First China International Conference on New Material (Fluorine and Silicone) Industry Launched in Jiujiang


On October 24, The First China International Conference on New Material (Fluorine and Silicone) Industry was launched in Jiujiang City. Mr. Xie Yiping, Vice Secretary of CPC Jiujiang Municipal Committee and Mayor of Jiujiang City made a speech at the conference.  

More than 300 guests participated in this Conference, including Lv Guixin, the former Vice Inspector of Raw Material Industrial Division of MIIT; Cao Xianjun, the President of China Association of Fluorine and Silicone Industry; Li Shanle, the Vice Inspector of Commission of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangxi Province; Zhang Jianjun, the Secretary-general of China Association of Fluorine and Silicone Industry and Mitsuo Kira, Honorary Chairman from Janpan Association of Organosilicon Chemistry.  

Mr. Xie Yiping, in his speech, on behalf of Jiujiang Party Committee, Jiujiang Government and its 5.2 million citizens, extended his warm welcome to all the guests and expressed his sincere thanks to friends from all walks of life who have been caring for, paying attention and supporting the development of Jiujiang City. He also gave a brief introduction of Jiujiangs conditions and development goals. He noted that new material industry is the major driving force for the upgrading of industries, as well as the major pillar for high-quality and leapfrog development. In recent years, Jiujiang have always insisted in developing the new material industry as the pillar industry, with concentrated resources, policies and forces, the new material industry have gained a strong development in the city, which effectively promotes both the quality and quantity of Jiujiangs economy development.  

Mayor Xie Yiping noted that todays Jiujiang, with significant opportunities, excellent location and optimal service environment, enjoys the solid foundation, good superiority and great potential for the development of new material industry. He sincerely hopes all the guests and friends who care for and support the development of Jiujiang to visit and invest in Jiujiang City, to introduce more investments, intelligence and talents, and to promote a high-quality and leapfrog development of Jiujiang City, thus working together to create new opportunities for development. Jiujiang will take the opportunity of the Conference and take efforts on promoting innovation, cultivating leading enterprises, improving integration and industries, so as to constantly strengthen its new material industry and build the billions-level industrial cluster for new material. 

The foregoing Conference was sponsored by China Association of Fluorine and Silicone Industry and Jiujiang Government. During the conference, the participants discussed the development condition and next major work of new material (fluorine and silicone) industry in Jiangxi Province and China, even in the world. Some counties and districts such as Yongxiu County, Hukou County and Jiujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone carried out on-spot introduction and promotion activities. 

Other leaders including Xia Xing, Luo Wenjiang and Xu Hongmei participated in the Conference. (By Yuan Donglai, Zhu Xiwei | Jiujiang Daily)