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50 New Battery-powered Buses Put into Use


Low carbon transportation and green commuting have been a major method for people to address the global climate change. 50 battery-powered buses have been put into use since October 31, providing a new and green way of transportation for Jiujiang people’s life.  

On the afternoon of October 30, the reporter visited the Base for Innovation and Startups in West City Port Area and found that 50 battery-powered buses, with blue as the main color and the words of “Pure electric engine”, parked in lines in the parking lot. Jiujiang has purchased 100 battery-powered buses this year, and these 50 buses will be used in several different routes. The 10.5-meter-long bus can carry more than 70 passengers.   

Li Jianhong, Chief of Technical and Mechanical Section of Jiujiang Public Transport Group Co., Ltd, introduced that, different from traditional ones, these battery-powered buses use electricity rather than diesel oil so that the passengers will feel more comfortable. Compared with traditional buses, the battery-powered buses enjoy some advantages such as environmental friendliness, quietness, comfort and economy. They produce no emissions at all, cost less power, and have simple structures, low mechanical noises and low failure rate. 60 battery-powered buses bought in the year of 2017 have kept good operation during the whole year. Meanwhile, these battery-powered buses charge easily and efficiently. 

“Now we can drive with great facility since the use of battery-powered buses in our route”, said a driver of the No. 15 bus, who has driven the bus for more than 10 years. The passengers were always complaining that the original buses were old and equipped with no air conditioning, and now they feel more comfortable. 

Jiujiang Public Transport Group Co., Ltd has bought 100 battery-powered buses this year, which cost 66 million Yuan. There are three places for charging including Xunnan Bus Parking Lot, Xundong Bus Parking Lot and Huaguoyuan Bus Parking Lot. The widely use of new energy and battery-powered buses not only helps the city achieve the goal of energy conservation and environment protection, but also benefits the citizens of Jiujiang City. (By Liu Piaohui | Jiujiang Daily)